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In die Sterne; Dans les étoiles...

In the Stars

A drifting soul he once was,
Seeking but to plunder and shatter
Into any celestial body of ice.
But for a reason unbeknownst
He always missed and veered.

Until a shining soul so distant
Had one day caught his weary glance,
One of radiance so unique
He was inclined to more of a peek.

So met they in mutual level,
Flowing further without dishevel.
Grew they in mutual share,
Flowing further through life unfair.

Along in time,
There grew a love;
One unsure of the other,
But came they to sudden resolve,
And came they to growing involve.

A course now chosen,
A path now awoken,
There flows a will
So strongly and still;
Each to the other,
Essences flutter...

~For Katie Hart
~By Sage Knaus,
12 Feb. 2003
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