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Harts Far Away's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Harts Far Away

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Matt's Trip [16 Aug 2005|11:51am]

Well as promised i have photos of Matt's visit here. It was an amazing time and really the most fun I have had in a very long time. He is leaving for college friday so our time to actually talk is going to be limited. So if anybody would like to talk I will probably be in need of a friend to speak to during the time of transission. Okay and so this post ain't all text here are some photos

Happy memoriesCollapse )
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Hi! [04 Aug 2005|11:26am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi everyone! I joined yesterday...so I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 20 year old culinary arts student (or will be in october...I was studing Zoology, but that is a story in itself) at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. My name is Sara, and my boyfriend's name is Zac. We will have been together for 5 years on September 23rd of this year. We met online on kiwibox when I was 15 and he was 17. At the time I lived in California, and shortly thereafter (as in 4 months later) moved to Iowa by some great coincidence. He lives in Wisconsin. We met the day after my 16th birthday, and have been together since that time. I only see him about once a month, but he is worth it, and so our long distance love lives on. He will be graduating from the University of Platteville, WI this May with a bachelors in Civil Engineering. Right now it is the Civil Engineering that is keeping us apart (at 6 hours, as he has an internship in northern Wisconsin this summer, but will return to the 3 and a half hour distance again this fall).
Well, that's my story. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!

P.S. Oh yes, and I currently work at Subway for a summer job (random, I know...I didn't want you all to think I just laze about lurking on LJ all day. Lol)

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Matts a comming [03 Aug 2005|10:42pm]

Well i just wanted to share my good news in basically a day and 10 hours. Matt will have me in his arms agian. He is getting in at 8:30 on the 5th and won't be going home till the 13th. I will be MIA while he is here cause we are in need of some massive cuddle time. Its going to be an amazing time with him and I have been looking forward to it since May when i left. I am just like so excited even though i have to get up at about 4 in the morning to be able to make it to the airport to pick his butt up.
We have been fighting lately because of how much the distance has been getting to me. He seems to deal with it so much better but maybe thats cause i am the one he bitches to when everything goes wrong but yet i do not bitch to him about everything because it doesn't seem to make a difference if i do it. Tonights fight was about how i didn't tell him why i had cried myself to sleep like a week ago when he had told me that he didn't think he would be able to come. It doesn't seem to be a big deal to me cause he is coming to see me and I just did it cause I am crazy.

Okay since no post is complete without photos here is an old oneCollapse )
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Promotion [10 May 2005|09:27am]

I am the mod at a community for relationships between 6 months and 2 years and we are trying to get it started back up so fell free to join or if your a member come back to us we really don't bite i promise.

come join us
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[11 Mar 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I'm new here..so hi everyone.


I loved him once. Maybe twice..My mind told me I didn't Love him, but...my heart felt it.. People told me to shut it..and that they didn't wanna hear me, they never listen anyway..I got lost..in the dark without him..and I'm still, Lost within...it. I write you letters..with meaning, love, and understanding..I just close my eyes.and imagine..your smile, eyes,..everything I ever loved about you. But I lay there in my bed..and I reopen my eyes..and One tear falls upon my cheek..and I realize, I'm not there with you..and that I was just dreaming about you again.. I .hate. this feeling...of emptyness.. I need to see you. I want to smile, and actually mean it.

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[22 Nov 2003|10:22pm]

I just received a letter from her today.

It was so incredibly sweet it almost brought me to tears.

Her words just made me want to be able to hold her.
And run my hands through her beautiful hair.
Kiss her flawless, pale forehead.

Some day;
When the world will be fullfilled and everything will be beautiful and perfect.

I yearn for this union;
When we three can be truly whole.


I'm trying to get Carl to write her a letter back also, since she wrote him one.
I want them to be as close as I am with both of them.

I heart them both so dearly.
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Communication [08 Nov 2003|12:50am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Some bits of online chats with Ymy dearest KatieY

Proverbial knot-tyingCollapse )

Rebirth after CeremonyCollapse )
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Back [03 Nov 2003|05:29pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello, all. =) I'm Emily (formerly zeglassgoth) rejoining the community. =) Just thought I'd share something small and cute that my beautiful Gergely (assorted_donuts) made for me. =D

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[12 Oct 2003|11:43am]


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Kentucky-Missouri [15 Jul 2003|07:21pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

She..just said, in no uncertain terms..
that she loves me.


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Fable [12 May 2003|12:54pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Once more I am at this glass to speak of the
experiences to be remembered forever...

Just as I had thought, everything has been perfect;
just much more than I had anticipated... ever.

And some things, though unexpected and possibly thought
to be a total disaster, has come to be even more cherishable

Let's see...
Friday, I already summarized...
Saturday... the day of the prom.

All had gone well... I had woken up a few times in anticipation
of Ymy beloved KatieY waking me up in the morning...
and just in time I got to drift off a bit before I was so
warmly greeted by her warm body against mine as she hopped
in bed under the covers, and with her arms around me... her
wonderfully waking kisses on my lips.

After that, we got dressed, me in a more German look, with
white buttoned-up shirt and suspenders, her... well, she
really doesn't have to go for any look; because she is so
talented, and makes everything look good anyway ^_~ but so
lovely she was, indeed. We mostly ran around doing a few
different things to get ready for prom.

I went with her for her to get her nails and hair done...
and in the end, she looked Hartwarming as ever. Her hair in
these lovely ringlets; they looked to me like something from
between the 30s-50s era... like the dark-haired version of
Marilyn Monroe... without the need of a mole ^_~

Mostly we just couldn't help but end up holding each other
close and enjoying each other's company the entire time.
*Swoons in truly elated happiness*

But time came for prom... she went to her Aunt Amy's house to
change, while I changed into my tux in her room. A Victorian
style tuxedo. Unfortunately, they didn't have fancy ruffle
shirts... but a regular tux shirt, with those applicable black
buttons. It did, though, come with a nice red-pasely cumberbun
and matching tie, on black background. And it was complete with
tail-coat... but nothing too extraordinary.

But Ymy loveY, on the other hand...
was just breath-takingly dashing, when I first saw
her enter the room...

Surprisingly, the corsage I got for her went well with her
elegant dress; white rose, on silver ribbon... it matched
her dress, which was black with shiny silver beads and such
all over it. It was accented with a nice cloth she wore
around her neck. It all was so perfect; everything went
perfectly in accordance with her outfit... as I previously
mentioned, she had the nice era-look of between the 30s
and 50s. So very classy.

In an odd way, though my outfit was more Victorian, we fit
together perfectly. She sweetly did my hair, parted over to
my left side... and oddly, it looked very Victorian. As well
as a little helped from our also coincidentally matching
roses; her white rose corsage with my boutanier.

So, first we went over to her friend's house... though I forgot
which one, as I met many of them there... once again, feeling
a little out of place, being the only male ^_^(). But that
should be usual anyway *le shrug*. *Chuckles* But not as out
of place as I felt when at prom, as I barely knew anybody, and
was unfamiliar with the territory... but none the less, it was
worth everything, and was tons of fun.

While at her friend's house, we chatted, and watched a bit of
Aladin... *giggles* to which we replayed one of the parts that
had a hidden sexual inuendo (like all lovely Disney movies).
Then we followed Amanda to another person's house. I forgot
his name, but he was the German foreign exchange student that
Ymy KatieY had told me about.

We chatted a little with his family... which was fun, because
YKatieY and I just adore being able to joke around in
foreign languages ^__^

After that, we all went to meet up at Red Lobster to eat.
It was quite enjoyable, as always. And I loved sharing tons
of jokes with everyone, like my infamous coffee-creamer jokes

After that... prom.

Most of the time, we spent in the Karaoke room... and though
there have been many stereotypes surrounding this activity, it
truly changed my skeptical perspective when I saw how much fun
everyone was having... especially Ymy dearestY.

She, like a true experienced star herself, just got up time
after time in front of everyone, seemingly without a single
thread of worry or shyness in her body language, sang to her
Hart's content.

And she was so very good at it, too. First she sang "I Will
Survive", perfectly... being adorable and pointing to me at
the parts which made references to love and such *swoons*.
Talk about gender-reversal ^_~ but fun, none the less ^__^.

I had wanted to do some singing myself, but even though there
were a few songs I vaguely knew, I am the type that would rather
know the song and words so I could place proper emphasis on it
where it is due, than monotonous *blush blush*.

I also favorably remember when I was standing and watching
[Ymy beloved KatieY sing to "Criminal" by Fiona Apple, and
some random guy came up to me and said "Is that your woman?"
And I, proudly and smiling responded "Yes, she is", to which
he replied "She's very good" with a smile and a pat on my
back... me responding with my thanks as he walked off.

Then, for the finish, I finally got to participate, though in
a group, when Ymy beloved KatieY, her friends, and I got
up to sing to the "Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture

By this time, everyone else had left to see announcement of
the prom king and queen, which we cared nothing about... but
oddly drew an audience back in with our singing ^_____^

I mostly did the professor's part of the song, as well as
overall singing along... then we all fell down like they
do in the movie ^__^

It was so much fun.

After that, we went into the main prom room, to see what was
going on. We waited until after the dance of just the prom
king and queen... then a nice upbeat, and folk-like Spanish
or Mexican song came on, and had tons of fun dancing to it
with Ymy dearest KatieY.

Afterward, I even got compliments on my dancing... I guess I
actually hadn't seen too many guys dancing. Then they killed
it all by playing rap-crap. So, shortly thereafter, we took
off. When we got home, we just changed and relaxed in each
other's arms over a nice cup of Absente, then YKatieY got
rather tired, and went over to her Aunt's house for the night.

Or so it seemed...

I had only scantly slept until 03:something when I woke to the
sound of YKatie'sY phone ringing... and ended up only getting
to it in time to get the message... then I used *69 to call
the number. She told me that she had not been feeling well at
all... and violently so.

After talking, we both hung up, and I got a little more rest,
though I couldn't because I was so worried... I had even
considered getting up, dressed, and walking over there, though
I did not know the way very well. But I answered a second call
in the morning, around 06:00-07:00 of her saying she had not
been doing any better at all. I had no idea what to do... but
I just got up, let her grandfather talk to her to devise some
sort of place as to what to do, and in the meantime I got
dressed. I waited up for her to come over, as I was told she
was just going to come home and rest.

Contrary to typical belief, I took this as a most advantageous
experience. I always wanted to be here for when Ymy dearestY
got sick and needed me... not that I'd want her to go through
being sick, but to be there to take care of her.

The only main issue was trying to make sure she knew I wasn't
going to smother her and not give her space, but that I truly
cared, and just wanted to help her, and give her everything
she could ever need and want.

All went well in her recovery... we cuddled, and I just wanted
to make her feel better; as we share in common a deep depression
when we get sick; as we can't stand to not be able to do the
things we usually do when in perfect health. But her grandmother
was kind enough to rent Kate and Leopold for us, which I had
yet to see. It was a very charming movie. I won't go into any
detail, as surprise is part of it, but let's just say there's
a nice dash of Sci-Fi to it... a little Sci-Fi will never hurt
anyone ^_~ *feels his ears grow Vulcan points, and acquires
the famous Captain Kirk choppy voice* ^__~

After that, we re-located back to the living room to simply
sit and cuddle, watching T2. I ate, and as quickly as I could,
as I did not want Ymy beloved KatieY to grow sick from the
non-comforting thought of food.

Then soon thereafter, cuddling again, giving her kiss after
small, sweet kiss, and every comfort I could think of.

Some time later, I answered her phone to talk with Hunter,
who I was actually glad to hear from and talk to. I told
him of YKatie'sY current condition, and that I doubted we'd be able
to hang out with him.
Then he told me that the other day when he went to drop off
Jack, the wanna-be Hitler-of-the-2nd-Reich's brother, the
idiot himself was there, and asked if I was in town... then
made some smart-assed remark. *SCHTOMP!* I hope one day I
do get to meet him, so I can give him a curb sandwich. But
seriously, he needs to grow up, along with Ms. Southeastern
Hemisphere. But aside from such negativity...

After that, we re-located again back to her room to watch the
DVD I got her of The Fifth Element, which I was glad to see
began to help her into better moods. Then I tucked her into
bed as she layed down onto the couch in the front room, giving
her kisses on the cheeks, forehead, and little pecks on the
lips before I closed the door and went to sleep myself.

By morning, she was doing wonderfully as ever, and woke me up
with crawling into bed and snuggling with me *swoooon!*
Unfortunately, she couldn't really get close and cuddle for
very long as she did choose to go to school, and had little to
no time at all.

She recently dropped by on her lunch break, just to grab a
drawing she was working on, but I am ever-anxious to see her.
Then she took off with her friends back to school, with a kiss
and brief embrace from me. And now, here I am... awaiting her
return from school... but dreading my already having to leave
back to hell, er, I mean, uhh.... well, yeah, hell ^_~
... >_<# ~_~() X_X#

But I shall be counting down the very last seconds until my
return, about 2 weeks from now, for her graduation... and get
to stay for a week! YAY!

Anyhoo, Ymy loveY should be getting home about any minute now.

So I should close this off, and go enjoy every last second I
have with her.

Please be well, all.

~Sage, Katie-devoted~
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Longing for...him. [10 May 2003|01:00am]

[ mood | lonely ]

"The Last Beat of my Heart" - Siouxsie & the Banshees

In the sharp gust of love
my memory stirred
when time wreathed a rose
a garland of shame
its thorn my only delight
war-torn, afraid to speak
we dare to breathe

Majestic, imperial
a bridge of sighs
solitude sails
in a wave of forgiveness
on angel's wings

Reach out your hands
don't turn your back
don't walk away
how in the world
can I wish for this?
never to be torn apart

Close to you
till the last beat
of my heart

At the close of the day
the sunsets cloaks
these words in shadowplay
here & now, long & loud
my heart cries out
and the naked bone of the echo says
don't walk away

Reach out your hands
I'm just a step away
how in the world
can I wish for this?
never to be torn apart

Close to you
till the last beat
of my heart

How in the world
can I wish for this?
never to be torn apart
Close to you
till the last beat
of my heart

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Amour Eternel... [09 May 2003|10:44pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

It has been accomplished once,
so shall it be again.

My Hart sings in rejoice and true happiness once more;
I once more feel, truly awake.

Even more awake then I had upon awakening to my sense of
otherkin-hood. Even more rewarding...

Over and over again, I find myself introspectively reflecting;
back to when I had once seemingly so clearly announced to the
entire realm of existence, feeling as though I truly knew
then, that my heart would close off to any further personal
relations. That my heart would only be given graciously for
my friends and those who could not have the love and care that
I was so deprived of when younger and lost, seeking endlessly
on my "path".

...And I cannot help but laugh. For even when I was ready to
declare a creed carved in cold marble and take to my grave, I
just knew there was something underlying my icy exterior;
something that burned deep within, aching and writhing in pain
to be set free to express. I always cared too much, and had
such a need to find what I have now, but did not know then.

I thank whatever it was that kept me going with hope on this.
The only thing I could think of that helped me hold on, truly
has to be credited to Y
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<center>It has been accomplished once,
so shall it be again.

My <font color="red">Hart</font> sings in rejoice and true happiness once more;
I once more feel, truly awake.

Even more awake then I had upon awakening to my sense of
otherkin-hood. Even more rewarding...

Over and over again, I find myself introspectively reflecting;
back to when I had once seemingly so clearly announced to the
entire realm of existence, feeling as though I truly knew
then, that my heart would close off to any further personal
relations. That my heart would only be given graciously for
my friends and those who could not have the love and care that
I was so deprived of when younger and lost, seeking endlessly
on my "path".

...And I cannot help but laugh. For even when I was ready to
declare a creed carved in cold marble and take to my grave, I
just knew there was something underlying my icy exterior;
something that burned deep within, aching and writhing in pain
to be set free to express. I always cared too much, and had
such a need to find what I have now, but did not know then.

I thank whatever it was that kept me going with hope on this.
The only thing I could think of that helped me hold on, truly
has to be credited to <font color="red"><font face="webdings">Y</font><a href="http"//www.livejournal.com/users/angedenuit">my dear, dear Katie</a><font face="webdings">Y</font></font>.

heh... I may credit much... but I do it out of truth.
For nothing more pure can free one in such writhing contempt
of soul, in such need of salvation.

Crave more?
Of the detail kind?
Yeah, I thought so ^_~

It has been more than a true pleasure to hold her again, in my
arms. Unfortunately the day has gone by quickly, as we began
late, due to my flight. I took it late to work around her need
to attend school... which is good a reason as any.

But yes... heaven it was, and heaven we had... that first
embrace after so long... that first kiss. We still can't get
enough of each other.

After I got picked up, we went home, and shortly thereafter,
running to a good Mexican restaurant. I forget the name, due to
my lack of Spanish skills, but it was very good. For Toxic
Hell to even conceive the thought of being so good is merely
a wet-dream. ^__~

Of course we got our due share of stares from the people, as
their "alternative lifestyle scene" is lacking... but we
dismissed this as quickly as we acknowledged it; for they were
not of importance.

When we came back home, we just enjoyed each other's company,
talking, me handing over our gift (the blank art book) for
her to add in what she wishes. I took out the tape measure of
mine, and finally got ahold of the measurements I needed to
make her dress. *Just swoons, remembering what fun and... well,
intensity was shared during that event* ^__~

After that, I finally got to see Bram Stoker's Dracula, with
Mr. Monotone and in need of emotional expression, Keanu Reeves,
Winona Ryder, and the ever impressive and lovable Anthony

And if you've seen the film, you could just use your own little
imagination of how it made us react ^_~.

Unfortunately, soon thereafter, she had to go to her aunt's
house to sleep for the night. But before that, we shared some
good Chianti wine... out of my broken wine glass (thanks to
the idiots at AirTran) but thankfully, the glass itself which
holds the beverage was unharmed... and a little drink enjoyed.

I just finished shining up my shoes and getting everything else
ready for tomorrow's events; prom. I simply cannot wait. And
of course I am saving the Absente for us to share until when
we return from the event.

And like the bride and groom, we are saving our prom outfits
for until the actual time we get ready for it tomorrow. *Feels
a grin spread over his lips, semi-parched from lack of her
moist and lucious lips* But I just know she shall bedazzle me
no matter what.

... If I would truly want anything atched in stone to carry to
my grave, let it be the warming, rather than hardening and icy
creed, of my everlasting love of her.

I want to share and truly give everything to her; everything I
could possibly offer, as I know I have finally found her, the
one who shall truly reciprocate my love with her own... my
yearnings of her with her yearnings of me.

Fulfillment, shall be ours to savor in sweet divinity.

...May our paths forever twine...

~Sage the Katie-addict-lover~</center>
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Heartbreak Hotel... [05 May 2003|05:04pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Gawd, I couldn't detest these circumstances any more than I already do. Get comfortable...this is gonna be a long story.

I called Gergely last night to wish him a happy birthday...we talked about lots of random things, how our lives were treating us, and the like...

Somehow the conversation got into how Mike was treating me. The thing is, I actually wanted Gergely to ask me about it. Mike is a very good boyfriend, don't get me wrong...but I just don't feel the same thing about him as I did (and still do) about Gergely. I kept saying to Gergely "I miss you" and "I still care about you very much", to which he'd always say very sincerely and honestly that the feelings were mutual.

He said he felt very badly about the long silences...but they weren't his fault. It was just a big, horrible misunderstanding...I had thought he had stopped caring for me, but he really just had absolutely no way of reaching me. He told me he had felt deeply hurt when I broke up with him, and that he still thinks about me all the time. To be honest, I think of him all the time, too. I think about him so much it makes me cry some nights, because I love him so much, and we're so far away, and I want to be with him more than anything else in all the world...='( He still loves me too, but...but he told me that he'd been exhausting every option of communication he could think of for the past month in an effort to reach me, but couldn't think of anything that would be effective. We can't do internet, snail mail, phone (too much), or visitations...

Because of this, Gergely said that he'd still love me no matter what, but he wanted me to be happy, even if it was with someone else. He kept telling me that I never knew who I could meet in the last 4 months of living here (I also found out he might be moving too...Gawd, everything's going all wrong!). I was bawling my eyes out the whole time...I don't want anyone else but him. He is my one and only true love, I'll do whatever it takes to be with him. But Gawd, I need a way to talk with him on a regular basis! Please, PLEASE, if you can think of some way we could communicate, by all means tell me. I'd owe you a huge favour and a half. I'm just afraid that if I don't act soon, he'll move away without me being able to get his phone number or address, and I'll lose him forever...='( Please, help me...this is the person I love more than anything possible.


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[28 Mar 2003|04:05am]

[ mood | grateful ]

Ah, so it's a lovely night, then.

I miss my love, so. It's strange...those I know who's darlings are far away have met their loves, or are going to meet them soon. In a way, it doesn't seem fair...I've waited the longest of any of them. Over 14 months...of course I'm very happy for them. =) They all mean a lot to me, whether they know it or not. But it just...gets me down, I guess. I mean, for chris'sakes, I haven't even seen pictures of him!

*waits for gasps and mockery*

What am I doing expecting those? This is a safe, understanding place. Unfortunately, as of late it seems that everywhere else is very unsafe for people like me with loves so far away...

Recently, I've been blatantly attacked for it by closed-minded people who couldn't possibly understand the situation, not being in it themselves. They're willing to settle for whatever they can find within a five-mile radius of their home. Maybe I wasn't happy with those I found within that five mile radius? They certainly didn't spare me any hurt or lies. So what if I had to look further away for love? At least I found it. I found the most wonderful, sweet, understanding, loving person in Gergely. It really doesn't matter to me that he's 2,000-something miles away...except, of course, the fact that we're not together, yet. We do things differently...we express love in different ways than most couples do. But our love is just as strong, if not stronger...and it will be a wonderfully ecstatic moment when we finally get to meet eachother in person. He gives me something to look forward to. =)

So if anyone has a problem with that, keep it to yourselves. Try to fill the spaces in your own life before attacking me for having those spaces already filled in mine.

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[25 Mar 2003|09:29pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Oh, *SQUEE!*

I just got off the phone from an hour or so long conversation with my dear love, Gergely. Oh...*faints from happiness*

I really don't know how to begin...my brother broke his leg, mom whisked him off to the ER, and I was left home alone...sweet, sweet privacy! I called Gergely with a dampened spirit, expecting him to not be able to talk to me for more than 10 minutes. The conversation started out as most usually did as of late, me asking him how he was doing, him telling me "good"...the usual small-talk. When it got past the ten minute mark, I got into telling him about my life's current events, and we started getting flirty. =} No juicy details for curious readers, though. ; )

Feeling more comfortable, I started talking to him about how I felt (I think I must have been about to cry by the time I finally got it all out). I told him I was afraid he might have started to love me less, and he told me that was simply not possible. =') He said he missed me just as much as I missed him, and somehow, that gave me comfort. We even shared a few "phone kisses". *blush* And of course, several I love you's. =D *dreamy sigh* *swoon*

My Hungarian prince, my Magyar candy, my lush little loverboi, has come back to me! =D I feel so...what words could describe it? Ecstatic? Enraptured? Reborn? *shiver*

Our hearts touch again.

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[24 Mar 2003|09:15pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Well...here I am.

Gergely Ádám is deeply sensual. His senses of touch, smell and sight are highly refined. And as for his taste? It's impeccable. Gergely is extremely discriminating - when he sees the best, he won't ever settle for anything less. He would rather 'go without' than go for a poor substitute. But then that's Gergely all over. It really isn't fair to call him 'stubborn as a mule.' Mules are adaptable, easy going creatures who are always eager to please - or at least, they are by comparison to Gergely Ádám. Unfortunately, for a person with such expensive preferences Gergely is not a millionaire ...or at least, not yet. You never know, it may just happen because Gergelys' relationship with money is very interesting. He treats it with a curious mixture of disdain and respect. He never lets it stand in his way, yet he will go out of his way to get it when he needs to. Gergely is a smart cookie and a shrewd operator. It is not though, merely in the field of finance that Gergely Ádám displays intuitive wisdom.
Gergely has an affinity with nature. He can make almost any plant flower and bear fruit. This is just as well because Gergely has a hearty appetite. He likes his food as indeed he likes all his creature comforts. Fond though he is of all the above - and of all life's little luxuries - there is one more source of endless fascination that Gergely cannot resist. Gergely doesn't so much have a hearty appetite for sensual pleasure as a ravenous hunger for it! Which is funny really because you wouldn't necessarily think it to look at him. Gergely likes to play it cool. Gergely likes to pretend that nothing bothers him, fazes him or excites him. Like all Taureans though, Gergely Ádám is a powerhouse of passion, as those who are lucky enough to know him - or to love him - will breathlessly testify.

It's all true...well, except the part about him being able to make any plant flower and bear fruit, but then again, you never know...

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Träumen [20 Mar 2003|07:00pm]

[ mood | *Swoonage* ]

I have seriously been needing to make
something of a summary of the rest of
my trip and my return to the wang of

It is hard to remember everything that we did, for
it truly is as though waking up to typical mundane
life and trying to remember a magnificent dream,
but it is just so hard to remember all of the details.

What I mainly remember is Saturday, when Ymy beloved Katie'sY
aunt took us to the Six Flags theme park Astro World out in
Houston, which was extremely fun!

We had such a great time... the entire day... of course not to say
that every day previous to being with each other was less enjoyable,
just that it was so much fun to share yet another memory with each
other, and it being so enjoyable. We rode the Texas Cyclone, which
was one of the most famous roller coasters, and very very fun...
*Swoons, remembering holding each other closely and screaming our
heads off in all of the fun*

All of the rides were tons of fun... but then again, I'd be just
perfectly content if I were with Ymy dearestY anywhere ^__^.

We also got matching rings made that read : "KatieYSage".

And we also got similar hair-wraps done on the lower left side of
our heads, behind the ear; hers with red, black, and white, and mine
with emerald green, black, and white... both with a silver Ankh
ornament at the ends *smiles, swooning again happily*

We also picked up a small picture-viewer before going, as they take
your picture upon entering... and the only affordable one was the
one put in a small view-finder, which itself cost $5.-something, and
the larger ones costing around $11. It's a really cute picture of us,
along with the millions of others I know we will eventually get to
posting. I'm going to try and get to some photo place to see if they
could enlarge the image.

After Astro World, we ran around a bit, ending up going to Sugarland
to eat at a very nice French restaurant called La Madeline, which had
a very nice ambience about it in the atmosphere... but I noticed that
not only there, but a lot more than usual, I ran into things and was
a bit more clumsy *le shrug* I guess because of me not really being
acquainted with my surroundings, and still feeling nervous and just
wanting to impress Ymy darlingY *blushes*

But yes, Sugarland... nice and "ritzy" area; and where Ymy KatieY and I thought would
be a nice place to consider taking up future residence in.

After that, we went to the (I think 1st Colony?) Mall in Houston, which was
quite nice, and where we dropped by Hot Topic to see what they had to offer,
then back home. A little later on, we decided to make our way to a really
nice combination coffee shop & antique/new age place (I think it was called
Imaginations *le shrug*)

Before then, I believe it was Friday or Thursday, we just messed around on
the computer nearly all day. As boring as some may think it to sound, it was
just so much more fun than either of us could have imagined ^___^. She showed
me the awesome game Black & White, in which you are a God and keep after doing
God-like duties for people and such. Then we played around on The Sims, where
she showed me the family she created after us. Then a little later, we ran
around online downloading a TON of patches and items and such to use for The
Sims, then we created another family, Sage and Eva Sephiroth *giggles* and
made good use of all our newly found items to make a very very nice mansion
and play around with our new toys SQUEE!

Our ideas and tastes in things just ran together so perfectly... it was simply
put, incredible and bedazzling.

Then came Sunday... dreaded day...

It began with Ymy beloved'sY grandmother being unsure about whether or
not she wanted to drag us along to church. She ended up deciding not to
make us go, but eventually YKatie'sY mother dropped by to ask us
if we would accompany her to church.

So, I put on my tan pants, in my boots German-style, and a white, long
sleeved, button up shirt, then my tech jacket (pics coming soon), and
my German corss necklace where a tie usually would be. All I needed was
some black suspenders ^_~

It wasn't all that bad... I held her closely as she drew an anime character,
which developed wonderfully (You know you and your artwork is absolutely
wonderful, darling!!!!!), and this little girl who had grown fond of YKatie'sY
kept giving things to her and showing her things *giggles*.

It was really cute, and she was wearing this nice red crushed-velvet dress
with collar and silver Hart dangling from it that Ymy adorable KatieY
wore when she was younger.

After that, we changed clothes a bit and went to a cemetary nearby, where
we finished off the one roll of film, dropped by Walgreens to let it get
developed, then got another roll of film, re-dressed, then went to Bates
Park, where we used the entire roll on pictures of us in the woods... which
all in all came out wonderfull... those and the previous roll which I always
stare at upon waking, going to sleep, and any other time that I possibly
can *swoons*

Then came the time too quickly when we had to return home, me get all of
my stuff packed and ready to go, then off to the airport...

*Sighs sadly*

It was so very sad and dreadful to accept... but it felt so wonderful to
truly have someone with me who loves me, and with whom I can share my love.
We cried on the way, holding each other tightly. As time grew thinner, I
did try to make things lighter, us making each other laugh with the many
inside jokes we created during my stay, which no one else could understand,
but definately made us both laugh in near hysteria.

It was truly hard to say goodbye... many words, but much more closeness
and simply taking in the last senses of each other, up until the very
last glance... which must have been comical for her, as I was going through
a metal detector, and had to remove nearly everything, needing to hold
up my pants walking through the threshold, and having to get searched
because I forgot to remove my collar ~_~#

I shed many tears on the plane ride back, mostly looking over our pictures
and listening to what my batteries had left in my CD player... I couldn't
even listen to anything but what she and I had listened to together.

Since getting back, everything, as I predicted, has been so very alien and
as though I have fallen back to sleep... but it is even more odd and hard to
re-adjust to after having such a splendid taste of heaven; of truly being
awake for once and truly feeling life.

Of course, I've had work to keep me occupied, which is the same old crap...
I've had to keep the view-finder picture on me to glance at time and again;
whether out of needing to remind myself we actually shared that wonderful
time together, or to keep me in check from going insane with how hard it
is to adjust again.

As she stated in her LJ, we do have another meeting to look forward to
for her prom and again later for her graduation... then possibly her
coming to visit me here during her summer break... and after that,
hopefully we'd have scrounged up enough resources to go back to Texas
together and begin a place of our own.

As for what aspects about my visit and being around her that I think about
the very most; ... this would have to be just observing her... well, in the
times that we weren't completely all over each other and so taken by what
we have become together (which were scarce and far between ^__~); barely
able to see each other as separate beings but in the physical way. I loved
how we almost always seemed to just read each other's minds... I really love
what I keep re-playing in my mind, which would be the completely, and perfectly,
without a single flaw, happiness I saw on her face upon our meeting. Truly
priceless, that... the way her hair shaped and accented her face, those eyes
of hers, so full of life, and finally me able to stare into them and become
lost, rather than some image printed from the computer or photograph... though
they have served as a wonderful comfort before and up until this point.

I loved the overall way she made facial expressions; when she spoke, when
we were happy and joking around, when she laughed, and all the cute little
faces we made together... when we would rub our noses together, nuzzling
cutely... her really just adorable anime-ish sounds when I would tickle
her and just play around in general... our inside jokes; the way her voice
sounds in every single way and everything about her own -isms. In a way,
I guess you can see some qualities exhude forth that just say a quality
gained from where they are from; and the observation I made of her truly
being "Texan" was that she truly knew how to have fun and enjoy herself...
this and not at all afraid to just be wild and adventurous... I loved the
look in her eyes when she was enjoying herself and knew she had such a
deep affect on me in several ways.

I remember after observing her looks, she brought up famous people that
she said others had made a connection with her looks; and I could see a
combination of Enya, Sandra Bullock, Angelica Houston, and possibly a
few others... but not at all just them... but of course her own individual
person... of which and in which I confide and love and just absolutely
adore more than anything.

And then she would make certain facial expressions when her eyes would
exhude the Native American quality of looking "big and wide" , and
having them look into mine... *SWOOOOOOOOONS!*

But right now, I am so very worried for her, as she had fallen into
a sickness, but is quickly recovering... but taking nothing for granted,
I keep an open spirit to wish the best and tons of positive healing

Once more, I must run off to get rest for the next day...
But time shall run on again, and before we know it,
we shall be in each other's arms again.

~Sage/The Katie Addict~

P.S. : I know you all must be craving to see some pix of us together,
so you may see some here in the following links :
1 - http://melancholylaughter.firehead.org/images/Sagekatie1.jpg
2 - http://melancholylaughter.firehead.org/images/Sagekatie2.jpg
3 - http://melancholylaughter.firehead.org/images/Sagekatie3.jpg
4 - http://melancholylaughter.firehead.org/images/Sagekatie4.jpg
5 - http://melancholylaughter.firehead.org/images/Sagekatie5.jpg
6 - http://melancholylaughter.firehead.org/images/Sagekatie6.jpg
7 - http://melancholylaughter.firehead.org/images/Sagekatie7.jpg

Enjoy ^_____^
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[15 Mar 2003|12:25am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

To see what is going on with my love
life, check over in my actual LJ;
as you will read, I have been far
too busy and happy to update in here.

Best wishes and most positive karma
to you all and everyone in life.


~The YKatieY Addict~
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In die Sterne; Dans les étoiles... [12 Feb 2003|01:33am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

In the Stars

A drifting soul he once was,
Seeking but to plunder and shatter
Into any celestial body of ice.
But for a reason unbeknownst
He always missed and veered.

Until a shining soul so distant
Had one day caught his weary glance,
One of radiance so unique
He was inclined to more of a peek.

So met they in mutual level,
Flowing further without dishevel.
Grew they in mutual share,
Flowing further through life unfair.

Along in time,
There grew a love;
One unsure of the other,
But came they to sudden resolve,
And came they to growing involve.

A course now chosen,
A path now awoken,
There flows a will
So strongly and still;
Each to the other,
Essences flutter...

~For Katie Hart
~By Sage Knaus,
12 Feb. 2003
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