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hartsfaraway's Journal

Harts Far Away
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<3 ~Welcome to Harts Far Away~ <3

This is a community for those who
have made a devoted vow to another
soul who lives far in distance from
the other.

This may somewhat still be under
construction, but below are the
disclaimers, after and between
the song lyrics.

(Lyrics : BlutEngel -
Angel of the Night)

"Angel of the night
In my mind you're by my side
See you wherever you are
I feel you touching my skin
The time stands still
Just for us
Without you there is no hope
No hope in my darkness"

This community is being created for those
who have devoted their Harts and souls to
someone who is far away in distance from
them, but will one day, eventually meet
in person.

"You give me the moment
Which is never ending
Let me feel your Hart
And I go with you
To the end of this world"

Why "Hart"?
I made this community, personally, out
of my devotion to my Katie. It is her
last name, and I thought it fit well.

"My angel of the night
I'm forever by your side
Fly with me into eternity
Hold me in your arms and kiss me
I close my eyes and dream with you
Carry me so far away
Never let me down
And kiss me"

Though the community will be themed for an
attachment to another who is at a distance,
you may still join if you have any kind of
such relationship, and can offer anything
fitting the purpose of the community, or
simply have an interest in such matters...
and it is also for the benefit of those who
simply find such long entries about our mushy-
gushy amourment with the beloved of the other
annoying in any way or for any reasons.

"Angel of the night
Unite in one soul
You lead me on the way
The way of our shadows
Show me your burning desire
I follow you
I follow you into the garden of pleasures"

Also, we know that some faery-tales don't
always end like we wish it to... perhaps
not even ending at all and leaving us hanging.
For this purpose, you may also feel free to
post about such experiences, especially if
it had brought about some deep inspiration
from within that you would like to share.

"I know
The healing is painful
And the
Hartache unbarable
But don't
Dismiss me so quickly
'Till you see inside of me
I know
You'll realize someday
What you've lost by pushing me away, but
You have to take a leap and
See all that my love can bring"
~The Azoic - Lost

No unintelligent, out-of-line, misjudgings
are allowed... if you pass this line, you
are subject to be deleted and kicked out
of the community.

Maturity, optimism, and open-mindedness is
encouraged, as well as not taking things
on a personal, serious level.

I personally can enjoy nearly any kind of
joke; hell, I can just as easily laugh at
myself *thumbs up*.

Though this is still undergoing some minor
construction, please feel free to join the
community as you feel fit. And though this
mini-disclaimer holds valuable information,
if you are interested in joining or any other
partaking of this community, please read the
earliest entry, which holds most of the other
important rules and such for this community.

If you have any questions, you may contact
me by email (Sage_sephiroth@Hotmail.com),
or by journal.